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YES – it’s a twist on an old proverb but nonetheless TRUE!   As professional locksmiths in Chevy Chase, MD, we’ve learned a thing or two about intruders and what they look for when targeting homes. So, whether you are preparing for an extended seasonal vacation, a week-long trip; or just a short two-day getaway, here are a few tips to help discourage a break-in at your home.



At Sure Fit Security, our top recommendation is to make sure the locks on your doors & windows are in good working order at least few days prior to your departure.  If you need repairs or any new locks installed, give us a call so we can take care of these issues right away. Break-ins, by and large, are opportunistic crimes. When you are confident your locks are all in good working order, make sure to use them AND double-check doors & windows before you leave. This may seem obvious, but during hectic preparation, prior to travel a door or window can be overlooked.



Burglars are often good at finding hidden keys tucked away for unexpected lockouts. If you have a hidden key, bring it inside AND consider replacing this “old school method” with a state-of-the-art electronic access control system. Many are affordably priced and not only aid during a lockout, they can also be linked to intercoms, cameras, outdoor lighting and motion sensors for added security year-round. As a trusted locksmith in Chevy Chase, MD, Sure Fit Security has an array of electronic access control products; as well as electronic safes that are burglary resistant, fire resistant or both.



Set lights on automatic timers to go on & off at night, leave your car in the driveway OR ask a neighbor to use your driveway while you’re gone. Also, ask a reliable neighbor, friend or family member to stop by (ideally every day) to bring in your mail, pick up any packages or newspapers left outside, and just take a general look around. During the Fall & Winter, hire someone to sweep up leaves or shovel snow since those are big signals that no one is at home. Of course, the ultimate way to give the impression that someone is home –  is to have someone at home. House-sitters and pet-sitters can offer great peace-of-mind!



Yes, we know it’s hard not to talk about an upcoming trip or post your plans on social media, but the more people who know your house will be empty, the higher the likelihood that a break-in could occur! By keeping your plans under wraps and only posting photos after you return, the more secure your house will be! A special note to parents:  your kids, like ours, are most likely extremely connected!  They may not understand the importance of keeping their vacation highlights OFF social media until you return home; so please take the time to explain why so they don’t let the “cat out of the bag.”

At Sure Fit Security, we want you to have a wonderful time wherever and whenever your travel. Ask us to drop by to assess your home AND suggest ways to secure it and your peace-of-mind. If you have cash, jewelry, firearms or other valuables on hand, you might also want to consider a burglar & fire resistant safe. As your trusted locksmith in Chevy Chase, MD, we offer electronic safes and electronic access control in addition to residential and commercial locks. Visit www.surefitsecurity.com to learn more.

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