Residential Lock Styles

Which Style Lock Will Match My Existing Hardware?

We will try to help you identify the style or design of your existing hardware in order to match the new hardware. Often, a survey is required. We have had some success in being able to identify hardware from digital photos sent by e-mail used in conjunction with information obtained over the phone. Many times there are letters and/or numbers written on the head of the key used to work the existing lock. These letters and/or numbers are good information to have when trying to identify the hardware. Occasionally, there may be a name written on the lock or on the faceplate of the latch or bolt on the edge of the door.


  • We sell, service, & install locks, doors & door related hardware, closed circuit television (CCTV), video intercoms, telephone entry systems, and a complete line of access control systems, both mechanical and electronic. (audit trail may be available). We are a Medeco Service Center.


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