Frequently Asked Questions about Safes

More About Safes

Most of the safes currently in houses and businesses in the U.S. are simple insulated (fire) safes which may offer protection against fire, but are almost useless against a burglar, even if they have a combination lock. A husky teenager with a stout screwdriver can open them.

Safe Locks

There are a variety of combination locks available . Group II locks are the most common type on home safes today. They provide a 1, 2, or 3 number combination. Group I locks provide a greater degree of protection as they greatly decrease the possibility of even a skilled professional from “cracking” the safe by manipulation of the combination.

Recommended Standards for Safes

There are no miracles. Even small (l cubic foot internal capacity) safes cannot offer decent fire and burglar protection unless they cost about $1000 delivered and installed.

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What Should be Stored in a Safe, and for How Long?


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